Word Search Instructions

Quick & Easy

Edit the terms in the box below then click the generate button. You can separate terms with commas or line breaks. Bookmark the resulting page (Ctrl + D) to re-use it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the spreadsheet version of Word Search?

  • The Google Sheets version of Word Search was affected by Google's August, 2021 security upgrade. It will be available here once the code is re-written to make it functional again.

How can I play my Word Search online?

  • Wordsearches are designed to be printed, not played online.

Can I use pictures as clues?

  • Yes, just paste the URL (address) of a picture you find on the web in the appropriate cell.
    • URLs must end in ".gif", ".png", ".jpg", ".jpeg", or ".webp".
    • You cannot use Google Drive to store your images.
    • You can use Google Drawings. Use the "Publish to the web…" link.
    • Images are automatically resized.
    • (Be sure you have the legal right to use each image.)

Are there any options?

  • On the Options tab you can control:
    • the direction of the words: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal and Backwards
    • the fill characters used