WordMaster Instructions

Quick & Easy

Edit the terms in the boxes below then click the generate button. You can separate terms with commas or line breaks. Bookmark the resulting page (Ctrl + D) to re-use it.




Frequently Asked Questions

How does WordMaster work?

  • You create a puzzle or series of puzzles and share the link with those who wish to play.
    • If you use multiple words, they are presented in order.
    • Words are encrypted making it difficult for players to determine the answers from the URL.
  • WordMaster puzzles are like a word-based version of MasterMind, similar to Jotto or Wordle:
    • Players have 6 attempts to guess the word.
    • After each attempt the letters are color coded:
      • Gray = that letter does not appear in the word.
      • Yellow = you have the right letter, but not in the right place.
      • Green = you have the correct letter in the correct position.
    • Important differences from Wordle:
      • There is no dictionary. Players may type whatever they wish, including gibberish.
      • There is no standard character set. You may use numbers, symbols, and non-English characters in your puzzles (but players will need to be able to type those characters.)
      • You may use words of any length up to 10 characters. 5 character words are recommended.