Snowman Instructions

Want to Make Your Own Hangman-Style Game?

Step 1: Modify the Google Spreadsheet Template

  • Make a copy of this template. (You'll need to sign-in with your Google account.)
  • Edit the Puzzle terms.
    • Use as many terms as you wish
    • Terms will be randomly shuffled and presented sequentially.
    • The list will start over once all the terms have been played.
  • Select the style of game from the options in cell A2.
  • Add a title or theme for your game by changing the name of the worksheet (at the bottom).
  • Do not edit any cell with a blue background.

Step 2: Publish Your Spreadsheet

  • Go to File, Publish to the Web…, then click Publish.

Step 3: Get Your Link

  • Click on the Get the Link Here tab of the template (at the bottom).
  • Click on the link to view your game.

Step 4: Bookmark and Share

  • Bookmark the page to find it again quickly.
  • Share the link with anyone you want to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there anything I should know about special letters and characters?

  • All puzzles and guesses are automatically switched to uppercase.
  • Puzzles may include multiple words separated by spaces.
  • The following characters will be revealed automatically when the puzzle loads: ().',-+=?!"
  • Any other characters, including foreign language characters, may be used in puzzles but players will need to be able to type them.