Matching Game Instructions

Want to Make Your Own Matching Game?

Step 1: Modify the Google Spreadsheet Template

  • Make a copy of this template. (You'll need to sign-in with your Google account.)
  • Edit the Terms. The more terms you use, the more likely it is you'll need to scroll up and down to see all the cards. The AltTerms column is optional. If you use it, players match each term to its alternate. If you leave it blank, players match pairs of terms (terms are automatically duplicated).
  • Enter as many terms as you wish, but the more terms, the harder it is to see all cards.
  • Label your matching game by changing the name of the worksheet (at the bottom).
  • Do not edit any cell with a blue background. Do not change the order of the worksheets (tabs).

Step 2: Publish Your Spreadsheet

  • Go to File, Publish to the Web…, then click Publish.

Step 3: Get Your Link

  • Click on the Get the Link Here tab of the template (at the bottom).
  • Click on the link to test out your game.

Step 4: Bookmark and Share

  • Make a shortcut or bookmark to get back to the game whenever you want to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use pictures in my matching game?

  • Paste the URL (address) of a picture you find on the web in the appropriate cell.
    • URLs must end in ".gif", ".png", ".jpg", or ".jpeg".
    • You cannot use Google Drive to store your images.
    • You can use Google Drawings. Use the "Publish to the web…" link.
    • Images are automatically resized.
    • (Be sure you have the legal right to use each image.)

Are there any other options?

  • You can change the color of the card deck on the Options tab.
    • Choose Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, or Black.
    • You can also use your own custom image by pasting the URL (address) of the image instead of picking a color.
  • You can customize the text that is shown when the game is completed.
  • You can also change the type of game played.
    • Memory starts with all cards upside down. Players need to flip cards over and remember their positions in order to make matches.
    • Matching starts with all cards visible. Players simply need to select matching cards.