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Why isn't Flippity working for me?

In descending order of likelihood:

  • You did not publish your spreadsheet. Flippity can't access your data if it isn't published.
  • You deleted or altered text in blue cells. Flippity is looking for those cells by name and if they are changed, it can't located them.
  • You deleted an important column or row from the template. If Flippity can't find something it needs, it can't load properly.
  • The link on the "Get the Link Here" tab is an error or is pointing to the wrong place. See below.
  • You're using an old template that was copied or shared with you. Flippity is constantly growing and updating. Old templates may no longer be compatible. Best to get an up-to-date template straight from the website.
  • Your school district's policies are preventing you from publicly publishing Google docs. Ask your school's Google administrator for help.
  • Your school district's policies are preventing your students from accessing public docs. Ask your school's Google administrator for help.
  • Your browser is having issues. Clear your cache and reload (or do a "hard reload").
  • Google Apps is having issues. Check here: https://www.google.com/appsstatus.
  • The Internet is down. Check here: https://www.ismyinternetworking.com/.

Link pointing to the wong place?

Cell A2 on the "Get the Link Here" tab should automatically generate the correct link and send you on your way, but occassionally it gets stuck and sends you to a Flippity demo instead. If this happens to you, you can force a recalculation by clicking on cell A2 and pressing Ctrl + R (⌘ + R on a Mac).

If that doesn't work, Flippity uses the same unique code that Google assigns your spreadsheet. You can copy that code and paste it into a working Flippity link to connect to your data.

Can't Find the Link?

If you can't see the "Get the Link Here" tab, you probably used the Flippity Add-on to create your template. If so, you'll need to use the Add-on again to get the link:

Still need help?