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Music Notation

Hosted images for use in Flashcards or Quiz Shows. Right click on an image and select "Copy image address" (or something similar) and follow instructions for inserting into templates.

  • Flashcards, just use the image address: https://www.flippity.net/images/resources/Treble-Clef.png
  • Quiz Show, use this format: [[Image:https://www.flippity.net/images/resources/Treble-Clef.png]]

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Hosted images for use with Badge Tracker. Right click on an image and select "Copy image address" (or something similar) and paste into the appropriate cell in the template. E.g. https://flippity.net/images/badges/OnlineSafety.gif

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Image Hosting

You cannot insert an image into a Google Spreadsheet in a way that Flippity can recognize. You'll need to find an image on the internet and provide Flippity the address (URL) for that image. If you have your own custom images that aren't currently on the internet, you'll need to use an image hosting service that allows you to upload your image and provides you a direct link to that image (That means a link that starts with "http" and ends with ".jpg", ".gif", or ".png"). The following sites will allow you to do that for free without creating an account:

You can also use Google Drawings as a way to host your images:

  • Create your image.
  • Click File.
  • Click Publish to the web…
  • Copy the publish link and use it as you would any other image URL.

Be sure you have the legal right to use each of your images. Be sure you understand and follow the terms of service for each site. Unfortunately at this time there is no way to link to an image in Google Drive or Google Sites.